Understanding female hair loss is the first step towards recovery.

Understanding female hair loss is the first step towards recovery. It’s important to pinpoint the type and cause of hair loss. This book outlines both the common and rare types and causes of female hair loss, including medical conditions in which hair loss is a symptom. Women will discover that hair loss is never an isolated problem.  The condition of a woman’s hair is intimately connected to her physical and emotional well-being.  Women will relate to the intimate stories shared in this book by other female hair loss sufferers. The second half of this book is dedicated to natural solutions such as diet, nutrition, orthomolecular therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, scalp massage, herbal remedies, and “kitchen cosmetics” for hair loss.  Purchasing information below.

Create your own aromatherapy formulas for hair loss and healthy hair.

This book leaves the reader feeling as if they’d just completed a crash course in aromatherapy, especially as it applies to hair and scalp. The author shares her obvious love for aromatherapy in a delightful and concise manner. Many aromatherapy books contain recipes for hair care with no explanation of the inner workings.  This book explains exactly how essential oils work to get the scalp and hair in the best condition possible for healthy hair growth. There are over 100 recipes for various scalp and hair conditions, including formulas for children. Thirty different essential oils commonly used for hair care are intimately profiled. Precise blending information, along with step-by-step instructions allows the reader to safely and effectively create customized blends. Three reference charts are included to make it easy to decide which essential oils to use when creating customized formulas. This book will become a valuable resource for any person wishing to use aromatherapy for hair care. Purchasing information below.

Discover the most potent natural ingredients to stimulate new hair growth.

You will learn to use potent natural ingredients that have a stimulating and cleansing effect on the hair follicles. Some of these same ingredients can be found in many of the manufactured hair loss products on the market today. You will learn how to make effective formulas using these ingredients for a fraction of the cost.  This book also explains how to make aromatherapy formulas more potent by combining with some of these ingredients and making stronger formulas, for stubborn or long-standing hair loss.
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