Aromatherapy for Childhood Alopecia

Aromatherapy can be used as a natural treatment for children with alopecia areata or other forms of hair loss. Essential oils and other soothing ingredients are blended together synergistically, creating a scalp massage formula designed to nourish the follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

Aromatherapy formulas are well known for their positive effect on alopecia areata. Although essential oils are considered safe and natural, special care must be taken when blending formulas that will be used on children.

Essential oils are very concentrated and potent. Each essential oil is unique in its composition. Some essential oils contain compounds that could irritate a child’s skin or cause other harmful effects. It would be unwise to duplicate a formula that was developed for an adult, to use on a child.

Roman chamomile and lavender oil are generally safe choices for very young children (aged 2 and up). Each year, as the child ages more choices become available.

Essential oils are diluted into a carrier oil to create a massage formula. Younger children require a formula that is more highly diluted than one that would be used for an adult or older child.

Choosing the correct carrier oil is also important. Hazelnut or sweet almond oils are safe and gentle for small children, unless there is a known allergy to nuts.
Once a safe age-appropriate aromatherapy formula is determined, it can become a very effective hair loss remedy.

In addition to assisting with hair growth, aromatherapy formulas have the ability to produce a soothing, relaxing effect that can assist a child dealing with the emotional aspects of hair loss.

A safe, nurturing environment is created as a parent massages soothing aromatic oils into the child’s scalp, providing therapeutic effects for both parent and child.  Because scent association and memory are intimately connected, the aroma of the essential oils can strengthen the connection between child and parent that may last well into adulthood.

Custom aromatherapy formulas are recommended for children. Aroma Hair contains aromatherapy recipes for hair loss and scalp conditions for children of various ages.

Safe and effective custom blended formulas for hair loss and other scalp and hair conditions can be purchased at VZ Botanicals.

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