Frequently Asked Questions

How did you become interested in aromatherapy for hair loss?

After being told there was no solution for my own hair loss condition, I began seeking alternatives. My cosmetologist friend encouraged me to try aromatherapy. I investigated several holistic therapies. Aromatherapy intrigued me the most. With my first application, I instinctively knew it was going to work for me. I enjoyed the invigorating and soothing effects and I loved the aromas! Within a short period of time, I noticed positive results Because of this I quickly became hooked on aromatherapy and my passion continued.

Why do you specialize in female hair loss?

There are unique circumstances involved with female hair loss. I felt it was important for women to have their own resource addressing these issues. I feel I can be of better service to women with hair loss problems if I spend most of my time focusing on the issues surrounding female hair loss.

My husband would like to order. Do you ever blend formulas for men?

Yes, although my main focus is female hair loss, I do fulfill requests for male hair loss formulas. Essential oil formulas can improve many cases of male hair loss. If the type of hair loss is male pattern baldness, it can only be helped in the earlier stages and if it has not fully progressed. To order a male hair loss formula, fill out questionnaire and order adult custom formula.

Does aromatherapy scalp massage help all types of hair loss and scalp disorders?

Aromatherapy is very effective for most hair loss and scalp conditions. Aromatherapy cannot help hair loss in which the follicles are damaged or destroyed through scarring, or from androgenetic alopecia that has fully progressed. In these cases aromatherapy may help restore health to the surrounding follicles that remain alive and undamaged.
Some cases of hair loss may require additional support. Although aromatherapy can have a profound effect on hair loss conditions it is still important to discover and correct the underlying cause.

When can I expect to see results?

Within 3-6 months hair loss often tapers off and new hair begins to sprout. The new hair is often soft and fine, making it difficult to see. You may be able to feel the hair before it actually becomes visible. When checking for new growth, make sure you are in a well lit room. Although many people see an improvement in the way their hair looks and behaves after the first use, it usually takes a minimum of 3 months for hair loss improvements.  Before falling out, hair retreats to a resting (telogen) phase. Once hair is in the resting phase it is programmed to fall out within 3 months. Nothing can stop that hair from falling out as it is programmed to do so.
The time it takes to see results varies greatly. Best results are achieved with early treatment. Long-lasting hair loss often requires additional time. A person who is unhealthy physically and/or emotionally may see slower results as the body attempts to re-establish balance in various areas (in addition to hair loss.)

Will hair fall out again if I stop using formulas?

No. Although this is true of certain popular hair loss treatments, discontinuing aromatherapy scalp massage will not cause hair to fall out again. Once regrowth is achieved aromatherapy scalp treatments can be used as maintenance or on as “as-needed” basis. 

Won’t massaging my scalp cause hair to loosen and fall out?

Any hair that falls out during scalp massage was programmed to fall out and would have fallen with or without massage.

How are your formulas different than others?

The main difference is that I am personally involved with each person’s formulas.. I take into account specific information about the person and their condition before choosing individual ingredients to blend into a synergistic customized formula. Customizing formulas ensure that they are freshly blended. I blend formulas to the highest possibly potency to make them as effective as possible while remaining safe. Because I use aromatherapy formulas for my own hair loss condition, I remain familiar and current with their effects.

Why do formulas come in such small bottles?

Essential oils are very potent. A very small amount is all that is ever needed. Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile liquids derived from various parts of the plants. Each single drop of essential oil contains all the molecules and energy of the entire plant, consisting of over 100 intricately balanced organic components. It takes 66 pounds of rosemary plant to produce one pound of essential oil; 8 million hand-picked jasmine flowers to produce 2.2 pounds of essential oil and 60 thousand hand picked rose blossoms to produce one once of essential oil. A one ounce bottle, when used properly will last one month or longer.

How does aromatherapy improve hair loss conditions?

Essential oils work to get the scalp in the best possible condition, creating an ideal environment for hair to grow with ease. They increase blood circulation, nourishment and oxygen to the follicles and roots. They thoroughly cleanse the scalp of excess sebum, bacteria, fungus, debris and pollutants which can inhibit healthy growth. More information of the effects of aromatherapy as it relates to hair loss can be found here.

How can I learn more about aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a fascinating subject. Reading Aroma Hair…Aromatherapy Formulas for Healthy Hair is a great place to start. It provides interesting information, history, blending techniques, detailed profiles of essential oils and over 100 recipes for scalp and hair conditions.

Can I make my own formulas?

Yes, you can get the basic knowledge required to blend your own formulas from Aroma Hair…Aromatherapy Formulas for Healthy Hair. When blending your own formulas it is important to use high quality ingredients in order to obtain desired results.

Is there anything else I can do to help my hair loss problem?

It is important to be consistent and to be patient. Taking excellent care of physical and emotional health will allow greater healing potential at a faster rate.  Understanding the hair growth cycle, what it needs to function properly and what causes it to become disrupted is very helpful. Determining the type and cause or hair loss and making corrections is very important. Education is the best defense against hair loss. Applying this knowledge can help prevent hair loss and facilitate healthy hair growth.



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