Importance of Using High Quality Ingredients

All essential oils are not created equally. Therapeutic results can only be achieved if high quality, unadulterated, true essential oils are used. Synthetic, adulterated or low quality essential oils will not produce desired results and may have adverse effects.

Essential oils come from various parts of plants such as flowers, blossoms, leaves, stems, seeds, roots, peels, bark, herbs, needles, twigs and cones. Each essential oil has over 100 unique intricately balanced components contributing to their healing powers. Precise measures must be taken to keep these healing components intact.

The crop, harvest, distillation and packaging methods must adhere to the highest standards in order to produce potent, therapeutic essential oils. Cutting corners on any of these steps may destroy the therapeutic components or lessen the healing potential.

Less reputable suppliers may sell essential oils which have been adulterated in order to keep costs down. Essential oils can be adulterated in a variety of ways. They can be diluted with vegetable oils, alcohol, synthetic material, or other similar but less expensive essential oils.

VZ Botanicals realizes the importance of using high quality essential oils. VZ Botanicals uses high quality ingredients in all formulas to ensure best possible results.